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TrueNAS CORE is the community edition of the TrueNAS Open Storage OS, and the successor to FreeNAS. Enterprise-grade, yet completely free to use, CORE is built on the powerful OpenZFS file system to keep data safe and secure while providing block, file, and object storage over a network to back up and share files, serve media, and many other data storage applications. With over ten million downloads and one million deployments, TrueNAS CORE is the world’s most popular software-defined storage.

Free & Open Source

TrueNas CORE is completely free to download and use. Always.

Unified Storage

With support for block, file, object, and application storage, TrueNAS CORE integrates seamlessly into any environment.

Built on OpenZFS

OpenZFS ensures data integrity from start to finish with powerful data protection and management tools.

Community Supported

Need help? TrueNAS CORE has detailed documentation and a global community to learn from.



  • Installs on x86 hardware, VM, or Public Cloud
  • Block, File, Object Storage
  • Completely free and Open Source
  • Self-Healing OpenZFS File System safeguards data
  • Easy to Use UI
  • Built-in RAID Protection & Volume Manager
  • Unlimited Snapshots and Clones
  • Data Compression & Thick/Thin Provisioning
  • LDAP & Active Directory Integration
  • Plugins enable enhanced capabilities (media server, etc)
  • Leverages DRAM & flash for performance
  • Community-Supported

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