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We bring you the award-winning TrueNAS flash-turbocharged enterprise-grade open storage platform, offering reliability and performance at a value unheard of in storage. Transform and enhance your business with a comprehensive storage solution that integrates and refreshes your existing IT infrastructure, while reducing cost.

Why TrueNAS

TrueNAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) software that shares and protects data from modern-day threats like ransomware and malware. TrueNAS makes it easy for users and client devices to access shared data through virtually any sharing protocol.

How Does TrueNAS Work?

TrueNAS protects data in several different ways depending on your home or business needs. TrueNAS combines RAID redundancy, OpenZFS, Replication, Snapshots, Automatic Corruption Repair, and optional High Availability, to deliver datacenter data protection.

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Our Value Proposition

As a testament to its power, we use TrueNAS in our business and we are convinced and comfortable with its features. With TrueNAS, we are able to build a large capacity storage that allows for instant backup and replication for safe-keeping. TrueNAS Enterprise series include HA (High Availability) of 99.999% for production systems. Our services include planning, product supply & delivery, provisioning, integration, support and maintenance – all under one roof.

What We Provide

TrueNAS for Enterprise
TrueNAS for SME

X Series, M Series, R Series

TrueNAS Enterprise is designed for business-critical data, 24×365 operation, and full Enterprise-grade support. It is delivered as turnkey systems with High Availability (HA) options. Enclosure management, proactive support, and integration with key vendors like VMWare and Veeam are included. Enterprise support services with 24×365 coverage and onsite support options are backed by a global spares network. TrueNAS Enterprise makes it easy to integrate the storage into your organization’s IT infrastructure and deliver reliable and performant storage.

Mini, OEM

TrueNAS CORE is the community edition of the TrueNAS Open Storage OS, and the successor to FreeNAS. Enterprise-grade, yet completely free to use, CORE is built on the powerful OpenZFS file system to keep data safe and secure while providing block, file, and object storage over a network to back up and share files, serve media, and many other data storage applications. With over ten million downloads and one million deployments, TrueNAS CORE is the world’s most popular software-defined storage.

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